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Private Spoofer


Spoofer is a program for bypassing the ban on hardware. It changes the IDs of your PC, making it look like a new one.

Spoofer for faceit cs go
spoof cpu id


spoof ram id


spoof mac address


spoof hardware id


spoof motherboard id

Motherboard ID

And more than

20 other IDs

spoofin faceit

You can remove the ban on hardware on FACEIT

in a few clicks

how do bypass ban on hardware on faceit
spoofer for faceit

After using the spoofer, you can create a new FACEIT account and play without being banned

About our Spoofer

фон с засветом.jpg

100% safe

private faceit spoofer

The spoofer is not a cheat or other prohibited software

фон с засветом.jpg
buy spoofer for faceit

Easy to use

The spoofing process will take about 5 minutes

фон с засветом.jpg
spoofer faceit windows 10 11

You don't need to reinstall Windows!

Just launch the spoofer and do a reboot

фон с засветом.jpg

No restrictions

spoofer faceit intel amd

It runs on Intel and AMD processors

Spoofer interface

spoofer faceit interface

Full bypass Faceit Anti-cheat Client

faceit ac client

✔ The spoofer has been tested for 1 year with FACEIT AC

✔ The spoofer files don't conflict with FACEIT AC in any way

✔ We are testing the spoofer after every FACEIT AC updates

✔ Spoofer is a legal program and will not lead to a ban in any game

✔ You can roll back the spoofer action. After the subscription ends, this happens automatically


spoofer faceit ac cs go
undetected spooofer faceit
actual spoofer faceit
spoofer faceit works on windows 10, windows 11

Status: Undetected

Update: 27.06.2024

OS: Windows 10, 11

To purchase, contact us

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